Hello, I am 99% confident, we are suffering from DNS Cache, or DNS poisoning on our OES2 and OES 11 Master DNS server. If I use our intern master OES servers as DNS servers, any non-resolved FQDN automatically get forwarded to DNSAdvantage which is: (What should happen is a failed resolve, instead we are DNS forwarded to here), which is a common DNS poisoned cache server trick.

To veryify this, if I bypass out internal OES servers on a machine, and for exmaple use straight Google DNS Servers, If I go to a FQDN that should not resolve, I just get that the site is unresolvable, which is what should happen. To make matters worse, the poisoned DNS forwarder is causing MANY extra sessions that should not exist. So my question is, what parts of the OES DNS server config files and places should I be looking at to see if there are poisoned forwaders etc.? As well, Had anyone had anyu experiance with this, can you provide any advice to help clean the DNS server or resolve this issue?

Thanks in Advance.