Hello all,

We have a scripted imaging setup that works flawlessly on any computer that has had an OS installed on it at any point. However, if we buy a new HDD or SSD from Amazon (any vendor actually) and image it, it runs through our script and copies down the Base and Addon images and then reboots. After rebooting it goes through the BIOS POST and does its PXE check and then just sits at a black screen. If you Press F12 and select the HDD as the boot device you just get a black screen of nothing. It never gives any error messages or blue screen, it just sits at a black screen.

Now, if I take a Windows XP or 7 install disk and install the OS and then image it again it works perfectly and boots into Windows and lets sysprep take over.

Any ideas what it is that is missing that would make it where the hard drive has to have had an OS previously installed on it for me to be able to image it?