Dear Forum Members,

on replacing some Server Certificates in our eDirectory Tree i stumbled across a different description for Signature algorithm in the details of a Server certiificate.

We use the eDirectory Certificate Infrastructure and so the Servers in the Tree get an Certificate from this Infrastructure. Server Certificates created when a Server is brought into the tree have Signature algorithm type Sha1 With RSA. When replacing a certificate because the expiration date is coming up, i created a SHA 256-RSA (SHA2) Certificate exported this certificate to a pfx file and replaced the existing certificate with the new Sha2 Certificate. Now the Certificate Details show

Signature algorithm: {1 2 840 113549 1 1 11}

and not the string SHA 256-RSA (SHA2).

For the original certificate the Signature algorithm: Sha1 With RSA is displayed

Information on the internet says, that there are possible problems when the OID is displayed for the Signature algorithm and not the string SHA 256-RSA (SHA2).

System environment:
eDirectory Version on the iManager Server (SLES 11SP4) is Binary Version: 20808.02
iManager Version is
NetIQ Certificate Server Plug-ins for iManager 8.887.20160114
eDirectory88 Plugins 2.7.20150902

Should this issue corrected or is it only cosmetic.

Thank you for your informations.

Kind regard