Using WordPerfect, we have to manually create the "Bond" paper size. Basically, everytime I update the driver, or rename the printer, we get calls to "fix bond tray please"...

This lies in the registry:
HKCU\Software\Corel\PrintEngine\17\**DRIVERNAME+iPrint name**\Forms\EN\Bond

we typically use the HP Universal Print Driver, which appears as \...\17\HP_Universal_Printing_(v6_1_0)_ipp__iprint_domain_ com_ipp_A1_Central_4300-PS\Forms\EN\Bond

Would there be any zenworks way to add that Bond key/values at the end of random string like that?
I currently do many things on the Launch of my WP bundle, but i dont know if I can do a \17\HP*\Forms\EN\Bond type thing.