Hi Guys,

I am facing the following Problem: I have SAP UM running in Fanout Mode. Actually there are 154 SAP Systems, for each I have a role and a resource. What happens now:

1. I assign a role (Account role, will grant Account Entitlement) for one system to a user. Fine, the entitlement is granted and is listed as value in DriXML-EntiltmentRef.
2. I assign a second role for a different system (again Account Role, which should grant the Account Entilement for that different system). The entitlement is granted and is listed in DirXML-EntitlementRef.

BUT: now the first assigned entitlement gets simply deleted (one can see this in the trace as well) !

Normally I would expect to have two Account Entitlements since the definition of that is flagged Multi-Value. Any Idea?

Thanks in advance