I am in the process of migrating/transferID our file servers to new hardware and OES2015.

We have two OES 11 SP2 file servers scheduled to be migrated. We'll call them:

archive-server (VLDB replica)
main-file-server (VLDB replica)

Archive-server has 2x 1TB hard disks and is using DFS. The new target server for this one will have 2.5TB of disk space available and will not need DFS. What is the best way to perform this migration? Is there anything I will need to look out for? What will the data look like on the target server after migration?

In the migration tool administration guide, I found this tidbit:
If the source server is a VLDB replica, then the target server also must be a VLDB replica.

NOTE:Each DFS management context allows maximum of two VLDB replicas. If your setup has a source server and a non-target server as a VLDB replica, then you must ensure to remove the non-target server as VLDB replica and make the target server as a new VLDB replica.

I also read in another thread that the VLDB should not be on the same server as the DFS junction. (Unfortunately, I have it setup that way now). We have two other OES 11 SP2 servers. Would it be best to move the VLDB replicas to these other OES servers and off of the file servers? Is there a TID on moving the VLDB replicas?

Thank you very much for your help. I know I just hammered out a lot of questions here.