Hi, I am running the latest version of Groupwise 2014, and have upgraded the mobility service to 2014 R2. I am now finding that when the email of an Android Galaxy 3 is deleted on the phone, it disappears from the phone for about 10 seconds, and then reappears as a read item. I then have to mark it and manually delete it. It then stays deleted. This also occurs if I do not read an item, delete it, and it then reappears again as before. I have successfully used GMS since the beginning, and can find no solution to this problem. Note: The certificate is not self generated, and is a valid purchased item.

Problem 2: To try to get around the above, I have tried out Microsoft Outlook download to the Android. I cannot get this to successfully connect to the gms. When trying to connect, It may sometimes send the message that the login details are incorrect, and the phone then appears in the users profile in gms, but a valid connection remains impossible. I normally get a timeout error on the phone.

Anyone got any ideas on how to resolve these problems?