First time in the 25 years GroupWise consulting experience that I've posted to the forums for help...

The SMTP (GWIA) Relay Settings (GWIA) page (of the GW2014 web admin console) seems to have a hard-coded limitation on the number of relay exceptions displayed in the "Exceptions (Allow)" scroll list. Only the first 100 records/entries are displayed, although the total count, displayed below the window, indicates the correct number (in our case 141).

This was originally a GW8 GWIA that was recently upgraded to GW2014, although the upgrade is not the cause, of course.

Utilizing the REST APIs (which BTW are very slick) I was easily able to generate a report that confirmed the existence of all 141 relay exceptions. So, fortunately, I have a means of verifying any additional records that may be entered.

Is anyone else aware of this GUI limitation? If so, is this limitation hard-coded or is there a properties page in which this can be altered?

I appreciate any help.