Hi and a wonderful good day to the community!

Since I need some automation, I want to map NSS shares with a script (logon script to be precisely).

The Novell Client 2 SP4 (IR2) is installed on the machines in question, but I do not use it to login to the machine, the sole reason why I installed it is because I want the machiens to be able to access NSS shares and map them to a network drive.

Now, it's important to mention that I'm not talking about eDirectory login-scripts but simply Windows-GPO login scripts. The script looks like that:

net use m: \\S02\DAT /persistent:no /user:<novell-user> <novell-password>

My problem: mapping NSS shares via command line using the net use command only works if I have done it manually using the Novell Client (right click on the red N in the systray -> map network drive) once on the respective machine. To clarify: As soon as I have mapped the drive once manually using the Novell Client itself, mapping the drive from command line will always work (also after having disconnected the drive from the Novell Client again), no matter how often I login, logout, login with a differnet user, whatever.

But after a reboot, the "ability" of said machine to map an NSS share with the net use command is lost (error message when trying: wrong credentials), until I have mapped the share manually from the Novell Client once, after that, the ability to use "net use" is persistently there until the next.

No, I could really need some help from Novell experts:

- Why is this happening? When connecting to a network drive using the Novell Client, odes it write something to some sort of cache which gets lost upon a reboot?
- Is there any reliable way to map an NSS share to a networked drive from command line which will always work?

Thanks a lot!