We have 2 issues. We are using IDM 45, SP3 in WIndows.

Issue 1:

In dash board, (SELF request) when we search some text on the
permission, it display all the roles, resources, workflow etc that has
the same search text pattern.

We want to see only the ROLES and not the resources, workflows. Please
let us know how can we implement this.

Issue 2:
In dashboard, If we choose (OTHERS), this option was introduced in IDM
45, SP3. If we choose others, we are able to select the recipients, but
we are uable to search any roles/resources. it shows red color 'x'

But when we choose, "SELF", we are able to search the permissions.

Please let us know what is the issue and how this can be fixed, so that
the permissions are visible in Other option also.


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