I have more than one client that would deeply benefit from automated
export/deploy of drivers. As of now, I only know of only one way that
this might be done, looking at the IDM45 silent installer. I'm
surprised, I could only find one other post regarding this:
https://forums.netiq.com/archive/index.php/t-1978.html; My client has a
dozen drivers and we develop/test/run them in 4 separate environments.
Being able to extract drivers from one environment and put them in other
environments in an automated way would be a huge time-savings for us; we
could then focus on higher level ideas instead of spending hours doing
busy work.

The only place I see an automated deploy done is in the IDM45 installer
where it seems to need only a few settings and some package names:

/bin/sh -c 'ulimit -n 4096;
"/opt/netiq/tools/Designer//Designer" -nosplash -nl en -application
com.novell.idm.rcp.DesignerHeadless -command deployDriver -p
"/opt/netiq/tools/Designer//packages/eclipse/plugins" -a
"admin.sa.system" -w mfocus000 -s -c
-l "/var/opt/netiq/idm/install/logs/rbpm_drivers_configure.log" -OL

Is there any official support for deploying drivers? I'm on the verge
of getting desperate to have this considering how many hours we spend on
this. We have clients looking at solutions like Chef where we have some
pretty slick deployment solutions: being able to build TEST systems in
minutes is a huge selling point; it's a bit of a black eye to not be
able to give clients a full end to end solution: our clients want to run
automated Chef installs on vanilla servers and end up with an
environment were they can start automated tests, and be ready to develop
new functionality. The only part of this that isn't possible now, is
this importing/exporting of drivers.

Is there any information on whether or not this automated
exporting/importing of drivers would be supported? I'm just about to
export a driver with LDIF, and test an import just to see if that has a
chance of working. Please some one say that this is something that we'll
see shortly? :-)


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