Dear knowledgeable forum,

We are currently having a quite severe problem where our iManager hangs
very often when we are moving objects between organisational units.
We have tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer and get the exact same

What happens and when:

When moving an object to another Organisational Unit nothing happens and
iManager stops responding. When you refresh the page, it can no longer
load but if you close all tabs and instances of the browser and open
iManager again you can login and maybe move one more object before it
happens again.

We thought it could be a local java issue but we are seeing this on all
computers we've tried and when it hangs, on the server it shows that the
java process is on 200%+ CPU.

Restarting tomcat helps with the CPU load but only last a few minutes.

The what to the question "What has changed since it worked?" is that
we've increased the number of useraccounts by over 100%.
There is now a OU with over 1000 accounts waiting to be sorted but with
iManager hanging all the time it's rough work.

4 vCPU
Java version 1.6.0
Product Version: eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v8.8 SP8 [DS]
Binary Version: 20807.11

Any ideas?