GroupWise 2014 R2
Build Number:122092
Build Dateec 03, 2015 17:37:00
Single server, runs everything, including Messenger. Low user count: 55 Windows Client Users. 12 of them heavy users. No real web client users. 11 Mobility Android users connected through a different GMS 2.1 server.

Server has 10GB RAM. It only runs GroupWise, as detailed above.

Since the January upgrade we have noticed some performance issues on long runs. After running a while, users will begin to complain about poor client performance opening GroupWise, opening emails. At this point, top/free memory will report that 9.5/10GB is in use. After a reboot, performance noticeably improves but the server will take a couple of days to increase the used memory to about 9.5GB again, with swap being used. In top, I do not see the GroupWise agents/commands using serious memory - just init (which I know could still be GroupWise related). Is anyone else seeing this?