first: sorry for my bad english, its not my native :P

We have installed SLES 11 SP3 with Novell OES11 SP2.

Our Users (Win7-Clients) get Shares from server with OES-logon-script. These are novell-shares.
Problem is: Some Users can't change, rename or edit files in a fast way.

for example:
User create a directory "Pictures" -> works
after this rename the even directory Pictures to "Pictures2" -> error - because file in use / file is opened in a program....

if u wait 20 seconds then u can rename it.


My question is: Why is it in use? Other Users have no access to it or haven't opend.
First i thought the mcafee-scanner blocked this, but a empty folder should not be 20 seconds in access by a av-scanner.