So I just discovered a problem that just within the last maybe two weeks
started happening. I use an OES server with NSS volume as an install point
for larger installs just as I did with my old Netware box. this has been
working fine for over a year. All of a sudden I have been getting these
install fails. When checking things out I discovered I could not copy
certain folders from the OES box to my computer or any other win 7 computer
running anything from the latest client to even an older client say sp3.
Win7 64bit pro is the OS. when I try to say copy a folder I'll get a message
stating the folder or file no longer exists. Or If I tried to say change a
folder name a statement that a file was in use. But if did all of the same
functions on a old server I have that has 491 sp5 all of the attempts made
previously work fine. So after a little digging I discovered that if a file
was marked read only I will get the various errors. as soon as I un check
the read only box it works fine on the win7 computers. So I am thinking this
is some sort of client issue. the OES box is 11 sp3 OES 11.2 sp2 latest