Here's the place to submit an idea or enhancement request for File Reporter:

  • You can see all of the enhancements that have been entered not just by you, but by the Novell community at large.
  • Every time you go to enter an enhancement, the system automatically searches the enhancement list to help you find requirements that might be similar to yours.
  • If you find an enhancement, you can comment and vote on it. This is awesome for both you and me because it means over time the most important enhancements will automatically rise to the top. These are the items that the Product Management team will focus most of our energy on, and the community will be able to see why.
  • The Ideas portal is fully integrated into our main development process and tools. This means we can do things like track an Idea from the time you enter it, watch votes and hotness, put it into the development process, see it go through the agile development cycle, see all the users that voted for an idea, invite you to the beta that contains your feature, and then ship it. All through this process the Ideas portal will keep you informed about whatís happening. You can see a little bit more about this in the video on the main enhancement request page.