Is there a simple way for me to do this in a workflow?

I want to force someone to enter a value after the form is already created and then transition on there being anything for the Entry Data Value.

Alternatively have the transition question fill in the entry data with their response, and transition on anything as a response.

And use Form Data values inside notification e-mail.


Form is a user addition request for a software package that requires a user ID.
Person Requesting fills in Who should get access.
Then the workflow notifies the person responsible for providing access to the software.
That person should either:
1: Modify the Form to enter in the User ID (which was hidden to the requestor) at which point the workflow transitions on Entry Data Value (of not null, or of wildcard match)
2: Transition requests the User ID and then transitions after entry, and fills in the value on the Form.

Then the requestor is notified of completion with the User ID provided in the e-mail.

Thank you,