Hi all,

Right now we have a couple sites using GroupWise 2014 on OES11. The servers have NSS volumes and the GroupWise users are associated with an eDirectory account. Also, our main site uses eDirectory for the Mobility server (users are provisioned using LDAP group in eDirectory) and Novell Messenger. These servers all run on VMware ESXi hosts. We currently back up the VMs using Veeam Backup and Replication. I've been reading that eDirectory doesn't restore well using Veeam with Snapshot backups. Also, it sounds like I'm asking for trouble if I use eDirectory with Veeam replication if we fail over to a DR site.

So in order to use GroupWise in a DR/BC configuration with Veeam and fail over to a DR site, I'm thinking I'll need to do some reconfiguration to minimize problems with eDirectory. Should I do the following-
1. Add another hard disk onto the GroupWise server and migrate the data off the NSS volume onto the EXT3 partition and reconfigure GW for the new location.
2. Disassociate the users/objects in GroupWise from eDirectory. Eventually I'll associate the users in GW to Active Directory.
2. Remove eDirectory from the GroupWise server but keep eDirectory on a different server for the Messenger and Mobility users.

In essence, I'm getting rid of eDirectory/NSS volumes so I can eliminate problems when failing over and failing back to/from a DR site.

Does anyone else have some insight into this situation?