Sometime in the last 60 days, all my eDirectory (OES and plain SLES +
eDir) fail to connect to the Sentinel Collector. I only see a problem
now on the severs when I do ndstrace -c "unload auditds" followed by
"load auditds". Then it logs a Failed SSL Handshake followed by an
Authentication Failure.

I'm aware of TID https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7014219,
but that's not it. For one, my eDir versions are up to date, and for
grins I also tried to edit the java.security anyways, but that doesn't help.

Any idea where to look? Above tid includes a snippet of "a" log, but
unfortunately doesn't say what or where that log is. It's certainly not
the nproduct.log, but must be something on the sentinel side. Ive not
been able to find any meaningful erorr or log there...

Massimo Rosen
Novell Knowledge Partner
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