I'm looking over the current O365 driver packages to get ready for some changes I need to make here. Looking at how they handle Group objects, there are a couple of things I don't understand, both related.

First, in the Schema Mapping, they map "GroupType" to "GroupType". This isn't a required attribute in eDirectory, and doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere. I'm assuming it's intended to be used to set the correct "type" of MsolGroup in Azure AD / Office365. But it's not being set in any of the driver policies, nor does it seem to be supported by the current MAD driver. So, other than doing my own customizations, where would this attribute value come from?

Second, the Output Transform / NOVLOFFIDCFG-otp-Transform policy contains this:

 <description>Initialize GroupType variables to MsolGroup Adds</description>
 <comment xml:space="preserve">Initialize group type variables. 
DistGrpType :- Exchange DistributionList group
MailSecurityGrpType :- Exchange Mail enabled Security Group
NormalGrpType :- Normal MsolGroup. </comment>
   <if-local-variable mode="nocase" name="grpTypeInitialized" op="not-equal">true</if-local-variable>
  <do-set-local-variable name="DistGrpType" scope="driver">
    <token-text xml:space="preserve">DistributionList</token-text>
  <do-set-local-variable name="MailSecurityGrpType" scope="driver">
    <token-text xml:space="preserve">MailEnabledSecurity</token-text>
  <do-set-local-variable name="NormalGrpType" scope="driver">
    <token-text xml:space="preserve">Security</token-text>
  <do-set-local-variable name="grpTypeInitialized" scope="driver">
    <token-text xml:space="preserve">true</token-text>
rule setting some variables, which don't seem to be used anywhere else in the driver. It almost seems like this is a vestige of something else, either that something has been removed and they forgot to remove this too, or there's something they meant to add that isn't here yet.

What am I missing here?