I am needing to extend one of the 2011.x production collectors.
Historically I have done this by extracting the package, updating the js
files or custom file and then re uploading the collector from the
directory. This is very slow and painful. With the new SDK, I should
be able to do this all with the built in debugger - which works great
for custom collectors built from ground up.

Now to do this on a released collector I have to create a new collector
and then try and import all the bits and build a new collector using
code from the package which is painful to put it nicely.

At one time there was going to be a public CVS repo, then I heard about
some other sort of public repo for these production collectors - has
that ever happened? And are they in the eclipse build directory
structure so I could just import a collector from the repo, place my
dump file and debug ?

Or is there a better way I have not tried?


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