I have a problem with one of my implementations. The 'request for
others' option is missing in the dashboard. I might have an idea how
this happened so I'm looking for a technical explanation so I can fix

I have created an install manual that was not exactly followed by the
person that needed to deploy IDM 4.5. There was a typo in the DriverSet
name. I corrected that by removing the DriverSet and redeploying the
UserApplication and Role and Resource Service driver. After that I
noticed that the /dashboard did not display any items. The log file
displayed errors on UI_Items still pointing to the old DriverSet with
typo. I connected to the database and corrected all DriverSet pointers
in the UI_Items table to point to the new DriverSet. The landing page
was fine after that.

Point is, no matter what i try with teams and UA roles, the 'Request for
others' option remains invisible. I suspect that the ACL/Role check of
the dashboard also fails because of the re-created driverset. Given the
fact that this installation is completely fresh, I'm looking for the
easiest option to the the 'request for others' option back:
1. Is it possible to recreate the database for an existing install
2. Is the ACL check stored somewhere in the database for showing the
'request for others' button and can I edit this?
3. Any other suggestions

Details of the install:
IDM: 4.5.3
Identity Apps: 4.5.3

PS: The 'request for others' option is correctly displayed in my TEST
environment, so I'm sure the install and patching process is correct.

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