I've got a couple of issues...

1: Appointments seem all over the place on 14.2 GMS Some are there, some not, some appear when you actually drill down into the day but not before. I understand there might be some sort of hotfix for this? I've raised a support email and am waiting to hear back from support about this.

2: There seems to be a lot of issues when users have an iPad and an iPhone, they don't seem to be quite in sync most of the time, Before 14.2 no issues with having multiple devices but lots of problems with users complaining on 14.2 about differences between the two devices?

I've looked up the info on maintenance of the database on the server, https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7009453 This link shows how to do it for GMS1 and GMS2 does the how to for GMS2 apply still to 14.2 and is it worth giving that a try?