You can upgrade to Sentinel 7.4.1 from Sentinel 7.2 or later.
Sentinel 7.4.1 includes
• Java 8 update 65, which includes fixes for security vulnerabilities
• Fixes for Denial of Service (CVE-2014-3576 and CVE-2015-0851) and Java
Deserialization (Vulnerability Note VU#576313) security vulnerabilities
• Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL) 6.7
• Few Security OS updates for appliance
This release also includes other important software fixes. See the
Release Notes for more information.
Helpful Resources
• Release Notes:
• Download URL: -
or use the appliance update process
If you are upgrading Sentinel appliance from Sentinel 7.1.2 or an
earlier version, you must first upgrade to version 7.4, and then to
version 7.4.1. Please contact Technical Support to obtain the Sentinel
7.4 appliance updates.

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