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    Device Location

    Is there/will there be a method of using the derived location of a device as a filter?
    i.e. we set up locations, based on network environments but there appears to be no way to search or group filter on the agents derived location.

    We therefore end up having to duplicate configuration, by configuring Location and Network Environments and then having to create separate dynamic device groups that use the same logic filters as the network environment (e.g. IP address)

    There is a "Device Location" attribute on a device (viewable in summary) but this just seems to have to be manually set... Surely the ZCM could pull in the derived location and populate a field that could be available in summary AND as a filter option for advanced searches and dynamic groups?

    or am I missing something really basic?!?

    (it would be nice to be able to filter on devices in the "unknown" location, so that we can tidy up/add new location network environments...)

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