When I access my fresh installed Sentinel 7.4 from one machine (a
Windows 2008R2 Server with a fresh installed Java 8 Update 73), and try
to start Control Center, it downloads, starts, and then without ever
asking for credentials, displays a 403 Forbidden error, and all I can do
is close it. That happens for both firefox and IE.

When I access the same site from another machine for the first time,
(Windows7, same Java version), when I start ontrol Center it starts,
presents a credentials dialog, and I can login. On subsequent attempts,
it starts right away without asing for credentials.

Any ideas what might be wrong here on the 2008 machine? It seems as if
it has remembered wrong credentials, but this happens on the very first
attempt to ever use it from there, and ever since...

Massimo Rosen
Novell Knowledge Partner
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