I did not have the time or Linux knowledge to build a ZCM server from scratch, so I went the appliance route a few years ago as we were migrating from XP, using Zfd to Windows 7 using ZCM 11.1. I have never upgraded or patched this appliance. Now that we are wanting to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 you can see my problem.

Instead of doing all of the upgrades to get my 11.1 appliance to 11.4, I am considering starting a new 11.4 appliance on a new host and slowly switch everything over to Windows 10 and the ZCM 11.4 appliance. Is this a good idea or terrible idea? I wasn't sure if the two ZCM systems would conflict with each other? I am sure I would have to slightly change the 11.4 name from zenworks.site to something different. Any other changes that I would have to make? This time I will keep the appliance patched as to not get into this situation again.

Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.