I am preparing to migrate my primary server from 11.3.2 to 11.4. I found the Upgrade Guide (and also a very helpful video) that explains the migration. I also found the Zenworks 11 Support Pack 4 Appliance deployment document. The instructions in "Deployint the Appliance" section tell me to Deploy the ZENworks Appliance to a hypervisor by using the downloaded file. I have downloaded the .ova file but I don't know where to put it or how to go about deploying it???

Also, since the migration instructions and the deployment instructions are in 2 separate documents, I am confused about when I actually need to deploy the new appliance? Do I need to wait until I have shut down my old appliance, and then give the new one the same device name & address?

Help or guidance on this before I jump in and make the wrong guess will be much appreciated.