I'm experiencing a strange problem with IE at a customer (IE 11). It
turns out that the header part of the IDMProv interface is not displayed
when connecting to http://[IP]/IDMProv. (so, the header picture,
identity tab, roles and resources tab etc are all not displayed). Users
only see the task list, roles, resources, request history, profile
picture and the buttons beneath the picture. The 'make a process
request' button is also not functional (nothing happens when clicking on
it). In Firefox all is well.

I've narrowed it down (at least I think I did) to the proxy settings.
When selecting 'auto detect proxy settings' the header is gone. When I
uncheck that option and restart the browser, the portal works fine.

Strange thing is, when checking the WPAD file, the browser should get a
DIRECT connection to the portal and not even use a proxy whatsoever.

Only thing I changed in tomcat is the index.jsp to directly link to
/IDMProv (this customer is not using the landing page yet).

Using Identity Apps 4.5.3 on IDM 4.5.3

Any suggestions ?

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