I am testing Archiving and visioning but I'm having some problems.

1. I did two volumes DATA and ARCH
2. On ARCH volume I set a folder Archive
3. On Archive Server Properties I set

Volume Path *: ARCH:/Archive

Display server Archive Log entries is checked

For Authentication I have:

User Name:
User Name:

4. I left the Default job settings as they are.
5. On Archive Jobs I created next job:
Server *: NDS0.test
Mount Point : DATA
Copy all files first time the job is run - is checked

Define Job Delete Policy

Schedule Interval: 30 Days

Maximum Keep:

Time: 60 Days
Versions: 5
Keep latest version of current file -is checked

Run Schedule:

Every 1 Hour.

Looks like visioning is running because if I change a file in DATA and force run the job I can see a new copy of the file appears in ARCH:/Archive/more_folders...

Next step was to configure NetStorage

I went to NetStorage configuration and set:

New Storage Location:
Object Name: Archive
Directory Location: NCP://NDS0/ARCH/archive
Context: test

Next step was to assign storage location:

Assign Storage Location:

I did it for a group named NETADMINS.TEST
And Storage Location Object: Archive.test

So fare so good.

Next was to check NetStorage:


I was prompted to enter credentials which I did and on Folder side I was able to see files and folders I have in DATA but not Archive.
If I click on a file I know it is changed and has a copy of that in ARCH and select Archive I am getting next error.

NSS AdministrationError opening fileEnter XML document:Submit192.168.1.10:NETADMINS:ADMIN'S/netsup/aaa192.168.1.10:NETADMINS:ADMIN'S/netsup/aaa192.168.1.10

The filename is "aaa".

If I run Restore File Version Utility select DATA volume and click Show Version the error message is:

Novell Archive and Version Service is not available. Contact your system administrator.

Please, help!

P.S. Both firewalls are disabled.