We run Filr 1.0.1 since quite some time, but our users never came to use it much as we went Google some time after we introduced it. However, we do need it, mostly for our older users who have been with us well since we all used dekstops and logged in, had drive mappings and all, like it was in the old days. Some of them have tons of important stuff in homedirs and shared dirs that they somehow occasionally need to access from the New Way of Doing Things (ie Mac:s and BYOD).
Problem is, our Filr has issues, some users just cannot log into it, LDAP user sync shows same modifications to be done every time we run it, nonexistent net folder servers cannot be removed because they are referenced by net folders - only they are not, etc, etc.
It is a "large" installation, the intention was to use it widely, but as things worked out we never did that.
So, what I wonder is: how should we move from here? Fix the problems in our existing installation first? Try upgrade to 1.1 and hope errors will disappear and then go on to 1.2 etc? Is it possible to shrink it to a small installation? Would it even be possible to set up a new installation and hook the vastorage disk to it and make all users access whatever they might have saved in "My Files"?

Help apreciated!