Customer is running is running everything on Windows Server 2012 R2

IDM 4.5.3
Configupdate with HF2

After patching to what I just mentioned, sometimes, when logging into
UA, for example directly into /landing or /dash or /IDMProv I do not get
redirected to the site I am trying to visit. Instead, I am shown a sort
of blank login page, this one:


And the URL is: https://ua.something.com:8443/osp/a/idm/auth/app?sid=2

But I am authenticated, so when that page is shown, and I try to visit
/dash, I get there directly and no need to authenticate again. This
happens in all browsers. No errors in UA log.

The strange this is that it happens only sometimes. I cannot figure out
in what scenarios it happens.

Logging out of UA works fine and I am not able to log in again, as to be

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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