Hello all,

For awhile now we have been having an issue where after imaging a staff machine the iPrint policy installed printers fail to work. This happens to all printers, even the Microsoft XPS Document Writer which is not installed by iPrint if i have Office on that machine.

If you right click on the printer and hit Printer Properties you get the error message "The <printer driver name here> printer driver is not installed on this computer. Some printer properties will not be accessible unless you install the printer driver. Do you want to install the driver now?"

If you right click on the printer and hit Printing Preferences it says "Operation could not be completed"

Now, if I right click and select either of those options during the imaging process before Groupwise installs and the computer reboots the properties come up just fine and the printers work. After Groupwise installs, the printers still work, but once you reboot the computer the printers begin throwing those errors.

Imaging Process:
1:Base image and addon image are downloaded
2: Sysprep configures windows and points to a Powershell script
3: Powershell script disables UAC, configures a bunch of random settings, installs iPrint client, Novell Client, and Zen Agent and reboots.
4: Zenworks installs and a Run on Login bundles for the Container (folder) is ran
4a: The bundle contains 3 steps currently. First it launches all workstations which does Flash, JAva, etc. Then it installs groupwise, then it reboots.

The printers are installed before the bundle is finished downloading and running via print policy.

After groupwise installs, but before the reboot the printers work. After the reboot the printers throw the above errors.

If i remove Groupwise and make the bundle just have AllWorkstations and a reboot, the printers work.

So there is something that the Groupwise install is doing that is causing issues. I am using the EXE with a separate CFG file.

We are using GW 2014 SP2

Anyone ever see anything like this before?

Adam P