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Thread: Slow search results (SOAP)

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    Slow search results (SOAP)


    posted in the GW Agent forums, but maby better to put it also in here:
    Slow-search-results (SOAP)

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    Re: Slow search results (SOAP)

    There can be many factors as to why the searches are slow.

    In the GWClient, the code searches on DRN's (sids).
    This is the record number of the item in the database.
    In this case, the code doesn't have to read the actual database files.
    The GWClient gets back the DRN's and only reads the item data if it has to.

    WebAccess does a similar thing using SOAP. It gets back the sids.
    Then reads the items if it needs to.

    If you just ask for the id (sid) of items, the query should be pretty fast.
    If you ask for the user's item ("default"), it will slow the query.
    If you ask for attachments (message body, attachments, recipient lists), it
    will slow down the query significantly.
    If you ash for recipient status, it will slow down the query exponentially.

    One thing that might speed up the search is to use startDate instead of
    All items have a startDate element, it is just not exposed in mail or phone
    (In GW14R2, the <begins> element (which is the same internal field) is

    The startDate field is in the index. The query can be modified to search the
    index, then filter on the items returned from the index.

    As is now stands, each query will have to read all items in the user's
    database for each query.

    Another way to improve the throughput is to use events.
    You can get notified when things happen.
    You can keep tract of the changes and just process the changes.
    This is significantly faster than dredging for changes.

    Let me know if you need further help.



    > Hi,
    > posted in the GW Agent forums, but maby better to put it also in here:
    > 'Slow‑search‑results (SOAP)'

    > %29)
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Pascal

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