I need to migrate a Netware-based GroupWise 8 system to SLES-based GroupWise 2014R2.

I had previously done a similar migration by installing a new SLES GroupWise 2014 server and doing a dbcopy from the Netware NSS volume to the SLES EXT3 problem, to avoid having to do the intermediary steps of using the Migration Tool to migrate to GroupWise 8 from Netware to SLES, then upgrading GroupWise 8 to GroupWise 2012 before finally upgrading to GroupWise 2014R2, as the documentation recommends:
f you need to upgrade from an older GroupWise version, you must upgrade at least to GroupWise 8, and preferably to GroupWise 2012, in order to ensure that your GroupWise data is compatible with the upgrade process that is provided in GroupWise 2014.
I'm thinking that a better route might be to install GroupWise 2014 on Windows and simply do a restore of the GroupWise 8 email volumes to the Windows volumes so I can go directly from Netware-GroupWise 8 to Windows-GroupWise 2014R2 in "1 step", *then* use the migration tool to migrate from Windows-GroupWise 2014R2 to SLES-GroupWise 2014R2. It seems to me this may be a more direct route with the least chance of issues along the way.

Can anyone affirm that this is a reasonable/good procedure, or know reasons why it would *NOT* be recommended to do it this way?