Hi all,

We are running GMS 14.2 Build 279 on a dedicated SLES11 SP4 server and this problem appears to be happening to only one individual.
Of course he is very high up in the food chain and so it has become a major issue assigned to me.

When he deletes a message in his Inbox on his iPhone 6 it never removes it from his GroupWise account.
I have resynced his device, removed it from GMS and let it reattach, deleted his entire account in GMS and deleted his GroupWise account on the phone, then add him back to GMS and his phone, still the problem persist.

I went into Settings and enabled 'Push' to include the Trash folder.
While we sat in front of his GroupWise client (online mode), he deleted a message on his phone and when it synced, the message was removed from the GroupWise mailbox. However, since then he has contacted me and said it isn't doing it anymore.

I suggested diplomatically that, perhaps, this happens where he doesn't have a good wireless connection or other signal where he is at and he said that he had been tracking that and it isn't the case because it happens even while in the office. He receives messages to his phone with no problem and it just happens with deleting. He also says, sometimes he will delete a message from his phone and the next time it syncs with GroupWise that deleted message will reappear.

I've looked at the logs and I don't see any sync errors and the only warning I see while looking at the GMS Dashboard on his accocunt is a message about sending a large amount of data to his phone.

Suggestions on what I can try or do for this issue, will infinitely be appreciated!