Hya all,

I'm having a little battle with upgrading my 'Stock 4.5.0' OSP to the latest avaiable one ( at current)

As described in the readme/upgrade procedure the files were replaced, the mentioned folders were removed/deleted.

After starting the apps catalina.out starts to produce errors :

Could not find or load main class com.novell.naudit.lcache.LCache
Some researching done and found that its origin is from not being able to find the naauditpa.jar ( defined in /opt/netiq/idmapps/osp_sspr/conf/logevent.conf )
In some digging it now seems to look for the logevent.conf file in /etc , where a file named the same is located, but does not hold the values.
So i copied the correct one to /etc , restarted the apps, and the error is gone.

Looking up the page (in my case /IDMProv ) gave me the new look of the loginpage correctly, so started to authenticate but it keeps returning to the login form.

catalina.out reveals i am authenticated

2016-03-11T14:47:45Z, INFO , auth.LDAPAuthenticationRequest, {t} authID=1, successful ldap authentication for UserIdentity{"userDN":"cn=uaadmin,ou=Data,o=demo","ldapProfile":"default"} (52ms) type: AUTHENTICATED, using strategy BIND, using proxy connection: false, returning bind dn: cn=uaadmin,ou=Data,o=demo [xx.xx.xx.xx]
2016-03-11T14:47:45Z, INFO , event.AuditManager, audit event: {"perpetratorID":"uaadmin","perpetratorDN":"cn=uaadmin,ou=Data,o=demo","perpetratorLdapProfile":"default","sourceAddress":"xx.xx.xx.xx","sourceHost":"xx.xx.xx.xx","type":"USER","eventCode":"AUTHENTICATE","guid":"8bf6a059-ba86-41fa-ac76-5a3f7f58c168","timestamp":"2016-03-11T13:47:45Z","message":"AUTHENTICATED"}
2016-03-11T14:47:45Z, WARN , server.RestServerHelper, {t,uaadmin} external web services are not enabled [xx.xx.xx.xx]
Whichever user i use to login gets authenticated, but i keep returning to the login form.

Also even tho the log clearly states i am authenticated, trying to manualy go to the UA after also returns me back to the login page of OSP .. .

Any ideas ?