lab environment only, so there's not too much pressure on this issue.
While doing an upgrade of a fully patched OES11SP2 VM to OES2015, when it comes to the dib upgrade, yast asks for "existing server information". As this is a single server tree, i can only enter the local ip address for obvious reasons. on proceeding yast tells me that "the address must be a remote (non-local) one". On trying around i tried the primary dns name (didn't work either) and a second alias which is used for iprint stuff. this one finally worked, but i'm pretty sure i didn't have this problem on other single server lab boxes while doing the same upgrade a few weeks ago (obviously on a slightly older codebase).
i'd assume some sort of wrong information in one of the /etc/sysconfig/novell files. this labbox is an historic ID-transfer from a netware VM, so on its initiall installation years ago it had been installed into an existing tree.
any hints?