I'm told GW2012SP4 is out of support

1st of all we can't move to GW2014 due to 3rd party issues

So, I have OES11 SP2 fully patched. Currently GW2012 Sp2

for some reason I can't launch GW2012SP4 install

./install returns to the prompt - no error

Last week trial upgrade - I changed /etc/novell-release (downgraded temp) & it worked - as suggested by Novell support
today ./install won't load ! even after changing it

I'm told I can use rpm -Uhv to upgrade but I'm not sure of the procedure - can't see any documentation

Do I just go into each folder in the extracted install folder and

1. Run from install folder for each RPM or are there some I don't !
2. is there an order in which this needs to be done ?

Any help much appreciated.