Seems like forever since I posted here. We've been humming along nice
and stable with 11.3.2 for a long time. Now I'm starting to prepare for
11.4.1 in connection with Windows 10 testing.

I have a newly installed, empty 11.4 Zone with 2 primary servers that
I'm trying to patch to 11.4.1. The Post 11SP4 Update Prereq patch is

I've imported the 11.4.1 patch with zman sui, authorized it, and
attempted to deploy to the first server (second server turned off). The
deployment fails, and the Update gets status "Error". Clicking on the
error status pops up a message: An unexpected error occurred during the
zone-wide pre-install actions. Check the
loader-messages.log,pre-global-actions.log for details.

Have deleted and reimported the update with the same result. Originally
i had not designated the first server as a "dedicated system update
server", but it didn't help.

Reading loader-messages.log, the patching attempt seems to stop after
this line:

[TRACE] [03/14/2016 11:37:08.431] [4644] [ZENLoader] [152] []
[Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST: Unable to find stage view for
update 5011040100fc50000000002015121012. Cannot delete it.] [] [] []

In the folder work\system-update, "updates-inprocess" is empty. There
is a folder named
work\system-update\apply\5011040100fc50000000002015121012, which
contains one file: pre-global-actions-11.4.1.jar. I don't know if this
is relevant..

Any help appreciated, since I am stuck.
Phillip E. Thomas