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Thread: Gwcheck subjectlist and subjectpurge

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    Question Gwcheck subjectlist and subjectpurge

    Hi Forum,

    do subjectlist/purge act different with their filter?
    What I did so far:
    I let gwcheck delete many mails (over 4 million) for one user like described here 7003292. Luckily the most of them had a similar subject which I used like "subjectpurge=*blah blah blah*".
    After many gwcheck runs alls seems to be better again.
    But I noticed that the msg206.db of that user is still quite big. So I run a last check with subjectlist and figured out, that there are about 500k mails with subjects which matches the used filter. I run gwcheck with purge again but nothing more is deleted.
    Even after I run gwcheck with structural rebuild, structure check, content check and reduce only...
    Also did that with a standalone gwcheck on the server for the affected msg206.db.

    FYI: it could be, that those are send messages. Subject inherits "FWD". Unfortunately after logging in with that user the send items only show about 7800 mails.Anyway, does the subjectpurge switch also purge send items?
    If I do a search with the same filter in the client, it is not longer responding and running for ever...

    Just in case if you suggest to restore the msgdb from the backup: that IS the file from the backup

    Some suggestions what I can do to figure out how to delete them?

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