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Thread: overwride role request activity description

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    overwride role request activity description


    i created a workflow, where i have role role request acitivies to grant,
    revoke or extend roles. everything works fine, but now i have a new
    requirement to set the expiration date to the past. As we know, it is
    not possible to set a date that is in a past to a role. My idea for a
    workaround was to revoke the role and write "expired" to the
    description. With the description i could identify the expired role in
    the driver event, where i need the information. The Problem is, that i
    can't overwrite the description when i revoke or extend the role.

    Sure, i could add a entity activity before the role request activity and
    change the description, but i don't like this solution.

    Has someone a better idea how to solve this?

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: overwride role request activity description


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