I'm trying to get IIS Logging working via the Agent Manager.

I've been through these guides


1. I've setup a provider as required with the Application Name :
2. I've setup a Data Collection Policy called IIS Servers with a Data
Collection rule Utilizing the Provider in step 1.
3. I've linked a Device Group in the Sentinel Web GUI, which contains
all IIS servers (via regexp memberships) to the Data Collection Policy.

However, when I view the Policy via the Agent Manager Console the Bound
to Computer Groups : None is displayed?

Lastly, the single line "NOTE: If a Generic Collector node is created
instead of a IIS Collector node, verify whether the routing tag is equal
to the Event Source name configured on Agent Manager Provider for IIS.
The name should be SAM_Microsoft_IIS_Client_Log.." is a bit vague? I'm
not sure what a routing tag is and why it's name should be the same as
the Agent Manager Provider Application Name? Did I miss a part of the
doco that explains this?

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