Since upgrading to GW 2014 from GW 8, we experience the following intermittent error in the GW 2014 R2 client.
When I click a message in the mailbox pane, the following appear in the preview pane:
Navigation to the webpage was canceled
Also, depending on the configuration, the following might appear in the message above the body:
Groupwise has restricted this webpage from running scripts or activex controls.

This only occurs if the message contains something other than plain (or HTML) text. For example, if the message includes a mailto link or a link to a Web site. These are just generic internal email messages, not spam or viruses etc.

Things that we have tried:
- Changed browsers (IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox), set a particular browser in Tools/Options/Environment/General/HTML Browser.
- On the Default Actions tab in the Environment dialog box, set the HTML Scripts to Never Show Warning
- Reinstall GW, reset settings where possible, and so on.

What seems odd is that you can view a message without a problem, and then when you next view it, you will receive the message. If you click Reply, the message appears correctly in the reply.

Even more interesting is that if you view the problem messages in a certain manner, you can reproduce the issue easily.
For example,
1. Consider a mailbox that has the following 4 messages:
Message 1 - Normal text
Message 2 - Signature link to
Message 3 - Normal text
Message 4 - Normal text

2. If you click Message 2, it will appear correctly in the preview pane.
3. If you click Message 3, it will appear correctly in the preview pane
4. If you again click Message 2, you receive the error message.
5. If you click Message 4, and then click Message 2, Message 2 appears correctly

So, the issue seems to occur only when you go back to the "problem" message from a message that is directly under the "problem" message. If you click away, and then go back to the message, or if you click the "problem" message after clicking a message that is directly above the "problem" message, you do not experience the issue.

Any troubleshooting steps or information that you can provide are greatly appreciated.