Firstly, I must apologize in advance if I did not post in the correct thread or section for Novell Groupwise.

I am the end user, not administrator. I am presently on leave and my nosey and untrustworthy manager would like to have access to my email in my absence.

I was thinking of giving my manager only specific folder access by sending a request to her to share a particular folder. Unfortunately, the sharing of folders limits you to only one folder at a time. For example, I have a folder called CASES and underneath it. I have over 100+ subfolders with file numbers.

My first question is if there is a workaround to grant access to all folders under the tree?

My second question is if the above is not possible can I use a string of search commands (how to enter them) and search for every single email and then in my view setting sort them by name and then MOVE them into a specific shared folder. What commands do I use to ensure every email is brought up and none are orphaned?

Just an added bit of info. Unfortunately, as of late GW tends to be rather flaky in searching emails. Sometimes relevant results pop up, other times it does not. If you do the same search another time, the relevant results show up. I am not certain if this is a network issue but the IT department have their fair share of complaints with GW. Additionally, we are slowly migrating to MS Outlook...bad move, I know.