We are currently testing Novell Filr for its offline files availability feature.

We've had a couple users testing it.

But now, my question is: Is there a way to speed up the first synchronization to allow the users to have their files faster?

Our laptop users are currently using local files with a open source backup application that copies their files to their personal Novell NSS share. Now we want them to use Novell Filr. The files would now reside on the Novell NSS Share of the users as primary location and the files would be available offline with the Filr feature.

Let's say a user have 5000 files (1GB) locally and we decide to install the Novell Filr Desktop solution on his computer. I tried two thing:

1- Before installing Filr, i copied all the local laptop user files to his Novell NSS user share and then sync them back locally with the "Available offline" option. ( Fastest way ) since the synchronization server -> workstation seems quicker than workstation -> server took about .5 day for the sync

2- Before installing Filr, be sure that there is no file in his Novell NSS user share, then activate available offline connection and copy all the user files in his local Filr folder. (slowest way) took about 1.5 days for the sync

Can anyone tell me if there is a best way to save time ? Turbo synchronization function ? Kickstart function ?

Note that this file transfer if files are copied from the laptop to the NSS share would take something like 5-10 minutes.

Thank you.