We have a service driver which will run two scheduled Jobs. The driver
uses a Mapping Table which will have three columns; CountryCode,
StartDate and EndDate.

We are planning to stagger a rollout of this driver's action across many
Countries but there is likely to be an ad-hoc “do that Country on this
date” process. So Job-1 will be scheduled to run every day. The first
Job runs, looks up the CountryCode from the Mapping Table and gets the
corresponding StartDate (manually added as required by admin). The
driver compares the StartDate to the short form system time (lv_Today,
eg 20/03/2016). If the dates match, set passwordExpirationTime 10 days
ahead for a particular set of users. If date does not match, break/do

If this Job does take actions against users, then on completion write
back a short-form calculated date to the Mapping Table “EndDate” entry
for that Country.

Eg Finished Table after Job-1 runs.

CountryCode StartDate EndDate
GB 20/03/2016 30/03/2016

The second Job will need to process user accts only after the 10 day
period has elapsed. So when it runs, it looks up the Mapping Table entry
for that Country, and returns the EndDate. If the EndDate is in the past
relative to “Today” (we are outside the 10 day period), process a second
series of actions for a defined set of users.

This is all working OK except for the EndDate writeback. I can find
coolsolutions for appending rows/columns to a Mapping Table, but nothing
on writing back an entry to a particular “cell” in the table. Can this
be done, or is there a better method of storing the data required?

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