I am trying to get data from a webservice, and have managed to get the
driver to authenticate, and I can see from the trace that the data is
returned. It is inside driver-operation-data/response/value.

I already have a stylesheet that should take care of getting this into
XDS format. The plan was to use this in the Input Transform. The problem
is I can't seem to get hold of the data. I assume the data is just a
string, so it is not of any use in a stylesheet.

Tried to look at the Java Extensions. The official documentation
incorrectly points to the Javadoc documentation for the SOAP driver
extensions, and they are not quite the same. By tracing, I could see the
data in the modifyPublisherRequest, but not in the
modifyPublisherResponse. Then I tried to change the document returned
from modifyPublisherRequest to a dummy add, but with no effect. As the
documentation is missing, and I haven't seen any examples, I may have
got this wrong.

Any ideas?