I am seeing errors that indicate there is an issue with a server.
Typically we are seeing:


948139776 SCMA: [2016/03/21 13:22:33.72] Start schema update to .EHPLJT001ext.servers.esc.willeke.extpilot.TREE... .
948139776 SCMA: [2016/03/21 13:22:33.107] Connect to .server1.servers.esc.willeke.extpilot.TREE., failed, failed authentication (-669).
948139776 SCMA: [2016/03/21 13:22:33.107] SkulkSchema failed, failed authentication (-669).

I have also seen where there are recommendations to:
If it is the source server that is missing the attribute, then use
DSREPAIR to perform a Receive All Updates from the Master to This
Replica operation on the source server.

However, On Linux, I do not see that option within ndsrepair.

What am I missing?


Fours servers in large tree >3 million entries
eDirectory 8.8.8 v20807.13

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