I am trying to deploy a software package (exe file) from a network location. Normally in these situations, I would create an initial step to copy the content from the network using the current logged on user to somewhere on the C drive (ie c:\temp). Then i would create a step to install from there using dynamic admin.
In this particular situation, the files in question are just too large - well over 10gb - so I would like to try running a script which installs directly from the network share. This obviously causes an issue, I can't run the script as the local dynamic admin account, it won't have access to the network share. The current logged on user will, but obv does not have admin rights.
I thought I could do something with an AD account in the credential vault, but there doesn't seem to be an option to run these bundles using any of these credentials. I am just curious as to how others have got around this problem.
Any ideas?
I am running 11.4.0 currently.